8th and 9th of October, online in 2020

About Plant-Powered Perspectives

Plant-Powered Perspectives is a pioneer event in Central-Eastern Europe that concentrates on fostering the discussion about the directions of the plant-based megatrend in the food industry and discovering the best possible ways to utilise it. For the third time, we will meet to talk and share up-to-date insights with experts, entrepreneurs, market researchers and restaurateurs. Expect serious conversation about the opportunities that increased interest in plant-based products brings across categories as well as in restaurant business. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we will gather in an online format.

Plant-Powered Perspectives 2019

We consider out conference primarily as an opportunity to meet with potential partners, nevertheless we emphasize the merit and knowledge-sharing as key components of our event.

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For whom is the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference?

Our conference have brought together several hundred people interested in a fresh perspective at the ever-changing trends in the food and restaurant business. Plant-Powered Perspectives 2020 is an event that should be recorded in the calendars of:

  • FMCG representatives

  • food producers

  • restaurateurs and HoReCa representatives in search for solutions adapted to new needs of their guests

  • meat and dairy industry representatives open to discover new, growing consumer segments

  • food and foodtech startups

  • investors and everyone involved in food industry innovation eco-systems

  • trend observers and innovators

  • culinary marketers

  • public institutions representatives considering solutions to decrease their food-related carbon footprint

  • everyone interested in food industry and the growing popularity of plant-based products


  • Marta Dymek
    Cook, plant-based diet ambassador and author.

    Cook, plant-based eating ambassador and author. Marta is known as the author of the blog Jadłonomia.com and the author two books under the same title. Her books have been sold in over half a million copies. She runs her own culinary program "Zielona Rewolucja" at Kuchnia+ and cooperates with the press. On a daily basis, he is involved in all activities that can help spread vegan and vegetarian message, especially among those not yet fully convinced.

  • Karolina Kubara
    Dobra Kaloria

    Co-owns Dobra Kaloria brand and Kubara sp. z o.o - a family-run business. She is responsible for brand communication and takes part in the implementation of new products. She put so much heart into the introduction of plant-based meatballs and burgers to the market that she wonders whether they are still vegan. Privately, a mother of three sons and a vegetarian for 6 years, cooking veggies in industrial quantities for her large family.

  • Krzysztof Bożek

    Co-founder and co-owner of Krowarzywa - the first vegan restaurant franchise in Poland.

  • Katarzyna Gębala

    Co-founder and Board President at Polsoja. She knows practically everything about the plant-based meat alternatives category, since she has started building it when hardly anyone in Poland has ever heard of veganism. Thanks to her determination was it possible to develop and market now legendary soy sausages. She's been a vegetarian for over 20 years and two years ago has turned vegan. Lover of Asian culture and cuisine.

  • Christopher Kong
    Better Nature

    Chris is a biochemist turned entrepreneur that is passionate about translating advances in food science and technology into real-world impact. After spending 5 months obsessing about his diet in the lead up to a university boxing match, he realised that society's food demands, particularly our obsession with meat and animal products, are destroying our planet. Immediately after graduating from the University of Oxford, he co-founded Better Nature - the world’s first food-tech company focused on tempeh fermentation and innovation.

  • Rafał Lankosz
    Unilever Food Solutions / The Vegetarian Butcher

    He has been working with Unilever for 12 years. In his career, Rafał has been involved in introducing product innovations of the food division in Central and Eastern European countries. Currently, as Head of Marketing at Unilever Food Solutions, he is responsible for implementing the company's marketing strategy in the HoReCa area. A graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice and Nottingham Trent University. Privately, a father of 2 children running a one-table, home restaurant with enthusiasm. He loves experimenting in the kitchen and visiting his local market where he gets most of the ingredients.

  • Jakub Lunter

    Jakub Lunter is working as business development director and member of the board of family company Alfa Bio. Company is producing tofu and fresh vegetable spreads under brand LUNTER. He is responsible for sales development of new markets, currently Alfa Bio is the biggest producer of tofu in central Europe region. Mission of the company is: „to contribute to change of dietary habits”.

  • Zuzana Magálová
    Garden Gourmet

    Zuzana has been a brand marketer for the last 10 years. Having worked in the spirits segment in Slovakia, e.g. for Becherovka and Absolut Vodka, she blended her love for good food with marketing and has been trying to win consumers for veggie food under the Garden Gourmet brand.

  • Adriana Balazy
    EIT Food

    Business Development Manager at the European Institute of Technology and Innovation - EIT Food, an agency of the European Commission which supports innovation in the agri-food sector. A food technologist and nutritionist by education, started her career by co-founding FoPo Food Powder startup. At EIT Food, Adriana uses her experience as an entrepreneur in designing and implementing various programs and grants aimed at supporting startups from the agri-food sector in 12 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Luigi Pomponio
    VTT Research (Finland)

    Before joining the Food Solutions Team at VTT, Luigi worked as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the Dept. of Food and Nutrition, University of Helsinki, where he lead research projects aiming at exploring alternative protein sources for the development of novel ingredients and novel food solutions. Additionally, he has been involved in teaching courses and supervision of students at BSc, MSc and PhD level, and coordinating a European Food Education program (EIT Food).

  • Joanna Staude-Potocka

    Marketing Director at Żabka Polska - the largest chain of modern convenience stores in Poland. Last year she returned to Poland after 9 years of living in Asia, where 7 years ago she converted to a plant diet for a month, but she loved it so much that she is still on it today. She cannot imagine another lifestyle to follow and in her new professional mission she promotes vegetarian cuisine.

  • Marta Kopcewicz
    Polska Akademia Nauk, EIT Food

    Marta has been working at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn for 7 years. She is a specialist in the regenerative biology team and an active promoter of science. Currently she focuses on the analysis of the popularity of food of plant origin on the European market within the EIT Food project "V-PLACE - Enabling consumer choice in Vegan or Vegetarian Food Products". Privately a mother of two girls, yoga practitioner, a vegetarian.

  • Zuzanna Kilar
    Burger King

    Marketing specialist at Burger King. She helds a degree in diplomacy and communication. Zunanna has been involved in gastronomy from the very beginning of her professional career.Since 2016 a marketing specialist with experience in the world's largest brands in the QSR sector - KFC marketing team until early 2019 and from then on with Burger King brand in Poland. Professionally passionate about communication.

  • Marcin Chybowski
    IKEA Polska

    Food Safety Specialist at IKEA Food. He has been responsible for safety, quality and sustainability in restaurants, cafés, bistros and Swedish stores in IKEA stores for the past three years. Marcin graduated in Food Technology and Human Nutrition. Having worked at in various positions, both in the store and in national structures, always in the IKEA Food sector, he has been with IKEA for almost 20 years.

  • Lucas Huber

    Lucas joined Givaudan in 2019 as Category Manager for Protein EAME. He is responsible for the strategic development of the meat and plant-based protein category.
    Lucas has worked in various marketing roles for Pringles International, Kellogg Switzerland and Valoratrade accumulating a wealth of experience in the FMCG sector. He is based in the Givaudan Zürich Innovation Center in Switzerland.
    Outside of work he enjoys cooking at home or experiencing vegetarian cuisine across the world. He is also a passionate wakeboarder, squash player and never misses an opportunity to go for a run outdoors.

  • Katarzyna Nietrzpiel

    Senior Application Technologist working at Givaudan for over 5 years at Flavour Creation & Application Department. Specialized in savoury segment. Working with wide food products range, f.ex.: sauces, soups, ready meals, processed meat, meat analogues and substitutes. Previously working in sauces industry as a Food Technologist. Graduated University of Agriculture in Krakow. Privately: foodie and reducetarian.

  • Stephanie Jeske, PhD
    Chr. Hansen

    Stephanie Jeske is a plant-based food enthusiast and proudly working in this field. She is an Application Manager at Chr. Hansen in the Plant-based Application team. In her work she is focusing on the development and application of bacterial cultures for the fermentation of plant-based dairy substitutes.
    Before joining Chr. Hansen, she studied for her PhD in Food Science at the University College Cork, where she focused on the processing of plant-based proteins and other plant-based materials for the development of plant-based dairy substitutes. Her knowledge about protein functionality and plant-based ingredients is key to understand and develop plant-based dairy products and successful fermentation.

  • Katarzyna Balcerek
    OSM Łowicz

    Technologist at OSM Łowicz, responsible for the launch and the develompent of Bez Deka Mleka plant-based cheese products.

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Conference program

8th of October
  • Opening session - the boom is real

    The concept behind that first session would be to show how we’re progressing with the plant-based trends, how real this thing is. In order to do so, we’ve invited the leading experts and researchers to share their insights into the plant-based market.

  • The New Meat

    Meat alternatives are definitely a hot topic these days – more and more innovative products are launched into the market shelves, as start-ups, meat-processing companies and retailers verge into the battle for a more and more conscious consumer. Expect a solid insight into the market from Polish plant-based market leaders as well as a fresh perspective from companies only stepping into the meat-alternative category.

  • Responsible in the business - Big Food and the plant-based boom

    International food firms and restaurant chains are not only providing consumers with their favourite products, but also shaping how we actually eat. During that session, leading restaurant chains and food businesses representatives will discuss the trends, the actual social and environmental responsibility of such endeavours and the big vision behind the food system of the future.

  • Plant-Powered Pitching

  • New take on the classics

    While most of the attention is directed at plant-based burgers and sausages, it is hard to imagine a sustainable, planet-friendly diet without staple foods like tofu, tempeh or grains. Together with food entrepreneurs and innovators in that sub-category we will discuss new ways to reach a broader consumer base and make tofu and such products more attractive to the masses.

Deeper insight and workshops – 9th October
  • The tech behind the plant-based magic

    How much tech does it take to make plants mimic meat and dairy flavours, texture and aromas? The session will enable participants to dive into all the technological aspects related with plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Food technology and innovation departments, get ready to make notes!

  • Plant-based and easy - convenience session

    Convenience trend goes hand in hand with the growing interest in plant-based foods. What are the synergies? What happens when these meet? A session on plant-based ready-made meals and convenience products.

  • Plant-based egg, butter and...

    The plant-based dairy category is already way beyond milk and yogurt alternatives. Egg, butter and cheese alternatives become better and more innovative as consumers look for such products for various reasons. Both local and European companies will present their approach to dairy, the new way.

  • Chefs for Change goes International

    That session, dedicated particularly for restaurant operators and cooks, we focus on summarizing the last year in the restaurant industry. Most attention will be drawn to the most interesting solutions and the changing attitudes towards plant-based cuisine. We will also talk about numbers - does the plant trend pay off?

  • Workshops - parallel sessions

    Plant-based meat formulations - food technology workshop [offline event]
    Understanding the meat-free guest - workshop for restaurant managers
    Launching plant-based goods with a blast - communication and strategy workshop

Detailed schedule for each session will be published in the nearest future.

Plant-Powered Pitching

This year's edition of the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference is accompanied by another edition of Plant-Powered Pitching Startup Contest. This is a space for Innovators with ideas to revolutionize the global food production system to present themselves to a unique industry audience.

Apply to Plant-Powered Pitching Contest, present your idea for a product / service / innovation, meet potential investors from the food industry, and win cash prizes! This year in a new, loose, and interesting online formula!

The winners can get:
  • cash prizes (prize pool over PLN 15k)
  • wild card for the FoodTech.ac acceleration program – Batch 3
  • mentoring sessions with investors
  • support of RoslinnieJemy team
  • access to our amazing community of partners and industry experts
  • branding / communication package on RoślinnieJemy social media channels
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