Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy, Warsaw, 3-4th of October 2019


The food industry is changing in front of our very eyes. Retail and restaurant chains along with food producers discovered business potential in the growing plant-forward trend. Flexitarianism, meat alternatives - these terms are changed by all the cases in the industry media. Plant-Powered Perspectives is a space for discussion about the future of the food industry in Poland, but also on a global scale.


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For whom?

The first edition of Plant-Powered Perspectives has proven a strong need for expertise, experience sharing and deepened discussion on new product solutions for consumers of today, and those from the future. The Plant-Powered Perspectives conference is an event for:

  • FMCG and HoReCa industry representatives

  • food producers

  • meat industry representatives looking for new solutions

  • food and foodtech startups

  • investors and everyone involved in food industry innovation eco-systems

  • trend observers and innovators

  • culinary marketers

  • institutions that want to stay up to date with the latest trends

  • everyone interested in food industry and the growing popularity of plant-based products


  • Marta Dymek
    Cook, plant-based diet ambassador and author.

    Cook, plant-based eating ambassador and author. Marta is known as the author of the blog Jadł and the author two books under the same title. Her books have been sold in over half a million copies. She runs her own culinary program "Zielona Rewolucja" at Kuchnia+ and cooperates with the press. On a daily basis, he is involved in all activities that can help spread vegan and vegetarian message, especially among those not yet fully convinced.

  • Karolina Kubara
    Dobra Kaloria

    Co-owns Dobra Kaloria brand and Kubara sp. z o.o - a family-run business. She is responsible for brand communication and takes part in the implementation of new products. She put so much heart into the introduction of plant-based meatballs and burgers to the market that she wonders whether they are still vegan. Privately, a mother of three sons and a vegetarian for 6 years, cooking veggies in industrial quantities for her large family.

  • Weronika Pochylska

    Weronika coordinates RoślinnieJemy, a nationwide social-business campaign which enables individuals and organisations to discover the potential of plant-based diets and products. Together with her creative team, she cooperates with food industry brands, non-profits and media in order to increase the availability of plant-based offerings in Poland. Prior to RoślinnieJemy She’s been working at Food Brand marketing agency as a marketing manager and Mediadem Consulting as social media content executive.

  • Daniel Szostek
    Food Law Centre

    Partner and co-founder at the Food Law Centre. He advises food industry entrepreneurs on food law, specializing in legal services for trade relations on the food market and in regulatory issues of Polish and European food law. He completed legal training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw, graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at University of Wrocław, PhD studies at the Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Wrocław and Board of Continuing Education Faculty of Law - Center for European Legal Studies, University of Cambridge.

  • Grzegorz Łapanowski
    Foodlab Studio

    Founder of the Szkoła Na Widelcu Foundation, owner of Food Lab Studio, cook, host of the Top Chef Poland, #RoslinnePoniedziałki (Plant-based Mondays) ambassador.

  • Elliott Swartz
    The Good Food Institute

    Elliot is a Senior Scientist with The Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization accelerating innovative strategies toward creating a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply via plant-based and cell-based meat, egg, and dairy technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA where he worked with induced pluripotent stem cells to model neuromuscular disease and has experience consulting start-ups in the biotech industry involved in drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease. Elliot's work at GFI focuses on analyzing core technology areas and driving key GFI-sponsored research projects in cell-based meat.

  • Jerome Pagnier
    Heura Foods

    Jerome has more than 20 years of experience in the food and hospitality business and has worked in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Dubai and Singapore. Over two years ago now, he made the conscious decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to change the landscape in the hotel and restaurant industry. In the capacity of Director of Food & Beverage for Grand Hyatt Singapore, he was the first to successfully launch the Beyond Burger, JUST Egg, Omnipork and Beyond Sausage in South East Asia. Since May 2019, he has been leading International Business Development for Foods For Tomorrow. Jerome will launch the startup’s star product, Heura, in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Benelux, the UK, Italy, Chile and Mexico before the end of the year.

  • Michał Klar
    Future Food Now

    Angel investor, advisor and entrepreneur with background in consumer internet and ecommerce. Founder of FFN Ventures, which is investing in plant-based food companies in Asia Pacific and helping startups grow and expand in the region. Author of Future Food Now, a digital newsletter covering plant-based and cell-based industries in APAC.

  • Maria Przybyszewska
    Cafe Bar Havana

    She defines herself as 98% plant-based. She’s a vegan chef with a deep affair for Polish, Arabic and Asian cuisine. She’s currently a head chef at Warsaw’s Cafe Havana. Maria did her internship at Noma and acts as Roślinne Poniedziałki (Plant-powered Mondays) ambassador.

  • Brian Wyrwas
    Finless Foods

    Brian Wyrwas is the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Finless Foods. His background encompasses Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. At Weil Cornell Medical College his scientific research was based in the field of endocrine oncology, with a focus in the primary culture of cells that experience uncontrolled growth for therapeutic interventions. These interventions included small molecule inhibitors, combinatory therapeutics, as well as CART therapy. Brian’s passion at Finless Foods stems from systematically tackling one of the most unique and perplexing scientific puzzles he has ever encountered.

  • Katarzyna Gębala

    Co-founder and Board President at Polsoja. She knows practically everything about the plant-based meat alternatives category, since she has started building it when hardly anyone in Poland has ever heard of veganism. Thanks to her determination was it possible to develop and market now legendary soy sausages. She's been vegetarian for over 20 years and since two years has turned vegan. Lover of Asian culture and cuisine.

  • Ola Lazar

    Co-founder of FoodForward, a food industry accelerator. she is the one behind the success of the She is a startup mentor with many years of experience and specializes in creating digital products. Journalist and author of cookbooks. During Plant-Powered Perspectives she will host the Food Service panel.

  • Tomasz Olewski
    Concordia Taste

    Concordia Taste restaurant chef, #RoslinnePoniedzialki (Plant-based Mondays) ambassador, which both guests and staff at Concordia oversee as a well-known and popular tradition.

  • Marcin Popielarz
    Biały Królik

    Chef Patron at Biały Królik restaurant, S.Pellegrino Young Chef CEE competition winner, #RoślinnePoniedziałki (Plant-based Mondays) ambassador.

  • Michał Piosik

    He gave up his banking career to make dumplings with tourists. His first company - Polish Your Cooking is one of the largest culinary event agencies in Poland and the culinary attraction no. 1 in Warsaw according to Tripadvisor. A few businesses later, together with his colleague from the Warsaw School of Economics, Piotr Grabowski, founded the first startup accelerator for the food industry in Poland: They search, train and help to fund startups that will change the food industry to a more environmentally friendly one. Their portfolio includes such products as meatless chicken, vertical farms and powdered food. He runs the Gado Gado Restaurant, which is a testing ground for products. Together with Piotr Grabowski, Michał will lead the Plant-Powered Pitching during the conference.

  • Piotr Grabowski

    A man fueled by challenges. Together with his colleague from the Warsaw School of Economics - Michał Piosik, he founded the first food industry accelerator in Poland - They prepare, train and help to fund startups that will change the food industry to a more environmentally friendly one. Their portfolio includes such products as meatless chicken, vertical farms and powdered food. They believe they can save the earth from an ecological disaster by changing the big industry. Piotr also works as a Business Developer & Partnerships Manager in HubHub - a European network of coworking spaces located in Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and London. An important project in his life is Kazimiernikejszyn - a festival full of adventure and music in Kazimierz Dolny. Together with Michał Piosik, Piotr will lead the Plant-Powered Pitching during the conference.

  • Katarzyna Balcerek-Nowak
    OSM Łowicz

    Technologist at OSM Łowicz, responsible for the launch and the develompent of Bez Deka Mleka plant-based cheese products.

  • Marcin Chybowski
    IKEA Food

    Food Safety Specialist at IKEA Food. He has been responsible for safety, quality and sustainability in restaurants, cafés, bistros and Swedish stores in IKEA stores for the past three years. Marcin graduated in Food Technology and Human Nutrition. Having worked at in various positions, both in the store and in national structures, always in the IKEA Food sector, he has been with IKEA for almost 20 years.

  • Chris Bryant
    Cellular Agriculture Society

    Chris Bryant is a PhD researcher at the University of Bath and Director of Social Science at the Cellular Agriculture Society. His research focuses on consumer acceptance of cultured meat, in particular investigating international markets for cultured meat, examining the social context for cultured meat adoption, and developing messages and framings to maximize acceptance. He is a vegan and an effective altruist with a focus on leveraging food technology to alleviate the harms caused by industrial animal agriculture.

  • Agnieszka Getler-Kicman

    Head of Consumer Strategy and Insights Department for Central Europe and Nordic Countries at Danone, dairy and plant-based products. Agnieszka has seventeen years of professional experience, which she gained through her diverse roles in marketing teams of leading FMCG companies. She has conducted numerous projects in the field of brand positioning, market insights and consumer behaviour, product portfolio and price management strategies. She gained her experience working with various product categories (non-alcoholic beverages, baby and young child food, dairy and plant-based products) and actively translates it into strategic solutions for various markets and consumer groups. She currently chairs the Strategy Team for Dairy and Plant-Based Products in the region, which covers thirteen European markets. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, where she graduated from Management and Marketing, as well as Finance and Banking.

  • Jerzy Jakubiak
    MAX Premium Burgers

    Jerzy Jakubiak is an expert in the food and real estate industry with 25 years of experience, who since 2019 has been the Country Manager in Poland in the Swedish restaurant chain MAX Premium Burgers. He gained his competences in international companies from the FMCG sector, including McDonald’s (as a Vice President Development), Jeronimo Martins, Metro Group, Parkridge, AmRest and Burger King Poland. He is responsible for realizing common goal of restaurant chain, which is to open 200 restaurants within 10 years. He is best characterized by his innovative management methods and sustainable approach to business.

  • Magda Kubit
    Jogurty MAGDA

    Economist and designer by education. She's a CEO at Jogurty Magda, where she develops a complicated code that breaks the stereotype: ‘Plant-based doe not taste good. Privately, a mother of two kids, professionally a mother of two brands: Planton and VEGUP BIO. For years she has been fascinated by plant-based flavours and how vegan diet changes people and the world. Winner of the 'Best Plant-based Product of the Year 2018' award at Roślinniejemy Yearly Awards. She is constantly looking for master solutions to drag the hesitant to the green side of the power.

  • Łukasz Michułka

    For two last years he has been coordinating the work of the team behind Veganmania, the biggest fully plant-based event in Poland, during which food producers, restaurateurs and their current and future customers meet in one place.

  • Jakub Pietraszek
    Uber Eats

    General Manager at Uber Eats Poland. He is responsible for Uber Eats development in Poland. Previously he advised both startups and mature organizations on strategy, change management, business process optimization and productivity improvement.

We will announce the rest of the speakers in the near future

Conference program

Day zero (2.10)
  • Chefs for Change

    Chefs for Change dinner with the lecturers of the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference.

Day one (3.10) 9:30 - 17:30
  • Trend Bang

    During the opening session session we will undertake a review of the latest trends in the plant-based food and future food production - from business and investment perspective, but also taking marketing or social aspects into account

  • Plant power! - Plant-based meat and dairy growing big

    During this session we will explore food industry and its reactions to the growing interest in meat alternatives. Based on our recent public opinion survey, we know that the most important for consumers in Poland are the health benefits of their consumption, taste similar or better than meat, competitive price, nutritional value, including protein content. 73% of Poles are ready to limit meat consumption in favour of plant-based alternatives if such products meet the above criteria. What does the food industry have to say about this?

  • Food for the Future

    Session on the wider future of food, food security, mainly focused on clean meat (meat obtained from cell culture). The aim of the session is to indicate possible scenarios for the future and to draw the attention of Polish innovators to issues related to mobile agriculture.

  • Chefs for Change Panel

    Restaurant panel, in which we will summarize the last year in the restaurant industry, we will draw attention to the most interesting solutions and the change in the attitude of gastronomy to plant cuisine. We will also talk about numbers - does the plant trend pay off?

  • Plant-forward Food Service

    In the panel on Food Service we will discuss issues related to the implementation of systemic changes on a large scale - we invited the largest operators from the Food Service sector to share their reflections, attempts to relate global trends to the Polish market.

  • Milk, cheese and cream - plant-based!

    Dairy product shelves are richer and richer with products based on soya, coconut or nuts - do Poles love plant-based drinks, cheeses and yoghurts? According to Nielsen, plant-based milk market in Poland alone has increased by 15.6% compared to the previous year. At the same time, plant-based beverages account for 13% of the entire category of dairy drinks in US retail. During the panel discussion we will discuss new products, consumer behaviours and factors driving the growth of interest in plant-based dairy products.

  • Plant-Powered Pitching

    Here comes the second edition of Plant-Powered Pitching - a space for young entrepreneurs full of innovative ideas for solving the most pressing problems of the global food production system. This year's pitching is organized with support from Five selected start-ups that will present their ideas on stage. Registration starts soon!

Day two (4.10) 10:00 - 14:30
  • Workshop day

    Plant-Powered Perspectives is an event that not only stimulates discussion about changes in the food industry, but also aims to provide participants with specific tools and skills to better respond to them. The second day of the conference is a workshop / seminar day. We have planned the following activities:

    Workshop: Meat and dairy alternatives and law restrictions in nomenclatureCentrum Prawa Żywnościowego
    Culinary workshop [info coming soon!]
    Business workshop [info coming soon!]
  • Cell-cultured meat - scientific seminar[registration required]

    We treat the subject of the future of food as a priority - that is why we address the plenary session on the subject of cellular meat to representatives of the world of science. The invited speakers will present the topic/opportunities/potential challenges in the process of work on the so-called clean meat. Together we will try to answer the question: will cellular meat change the image of the food production system?

The event will be translated simultaneously.


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