Plant-Powered Perspectives

Our goal is to enable food industry innovators to discover growth potential lying within plant-based products. 57,8% Poles are willing to reduce meat consumption, are you staying behind?

Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy, ul. Bracka 25 (3rd floor)
Warsaw, 4-5th of October

For whom?

With massive increase of popularity of plant-based, healthy eating, we feel that there is still lots of space for expert knowledge and learning. Our event is aimed for:

  • culinary marketers

  • food industry representatives

  • everyone sharing excitement about plant-based products

  • food & foodtech start-ups

  • institutions aiming to be up to date with the latest trends

  • trendwatchers & innovators


  • Łukasz B. Błażejewski
    Managing director

    Łukasz B. Błażejewski launched “Gold Finance Financial Advisors” in 2005. Currently, Łukasz Błażejewski manages „7 Street - Bar & Grill” franchise network which serves American cuisine as well as „Meat & Fit – Slow Food” joints serving fast food for active and food-conscious people.

  • Nicole Rawling
    Good Food Institute (US) - Director of International Engagement

    Nicole is the Director of International Engagement at The Good Food Institute. In that role, she works with governments, scientists, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and other nonprofits worldwide to support the development of plant based and clean meat. She spent eight years at an international law firm advising Fortune 500 companies and executives in internal investigations and securities issues.

  • Honorata Jarocka
    Mintel - Senior Food & Drink market analyst

    Honorata Jarocka joined Mintel in 2013 and is a Senior Food and Drink Analyst. Her area of particular interest is health and wellness trends as well as innovative product concepts in the food and drink industry. With 12 years of experience in market research, Honorata has worked on a number of projects, including food and drink, retailing and beauty.

  • Weronika Pochylska
    RoślinnieJemy - Head Of Development

    Weronika coordinates RoślinnieJemy, a nationwide social-business campaign which enables individuals and organisations to discover the potential of plant-based diets and products. Together with her creative team, she cooperates with food industry brands, non-profits and media in order to increase the availability of plant-based offerings in Poland. Prior to RoślinnieJemy She’s been working at Food Brand marketing agency as a marketing manager and Mediadem Consulting as social media content executive.

  • Witold Sysiak
    Zielone Pojęcie - Co-founder

    Co-founder of Zielone Pojęcie and Dania Babci Zosi and its R&D head. He is responsible for company and its brands development at various levels - from technological innovation to organisational structure. An enthusiast of modern management methods and self-organisational approaches. Production engineer and philosopher by education.

  • Krzysztof Bożek
    Krowarzywa - Founder

    Co-founder and co-owner of Krowarzywa - the first vegan restaurant franchise in Poland.

  • Verena Wiederkehr
    ProVeg International - Head of Food Industry & Retail

    Verena holds a master’s degree in both international business and European studies from the University of Vienna, as well as a diploma in nutrition. A speaker in the fields of the plant-based market and vegan nutrition, Verena has hosted countless talks and seminars around the world.

  • Jan Bredack
    Veganz - Founder

    Jan started his career in the automotive industry. As a Head of Sales and Service for Commercial Vehicles in Germany at Daimler-Benz, he managed over 24,000 employees. In 2008, he left the company and founded Veganz three years later, which now runs three stores and is by far the largest distributor of vegan products within Europe. Jan’s company was one of the three national finalists at the prestigious German Entrepreneur Award.

  • Aleksandra Trapp
    Infuture Hatalska Foresight Insitute - Head of Culture and Trends

    Head of Culture and Trends at Infuture Hatalska Foresight Insitute. She’s responsible for research, data collection process management, data analysis and inferrence. She’s a co-author of “Future of Food” report, as well as many others. Aleksandra holds a degree in Journalism and Media Marketing and Advertising from University of Gdańsk, she also graduated from social psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • Bartosz Kamieniecki
    Food technologist

    Food technologist, designer and visionary, passionate about new technologies, good cuisine and travelling. He holds a degree in Food Technology from the University of Environmental and Life Science in Wroclaw. Project manager in food industry, consulting strategies of food development in terms of technology, quality and business. Bartosz has been related with food processing sector on an on-going basis for over 10 years. He designed dozens of food products based on individual and innovative solutions.

  • Malka Kafka
    Tel Aviv Urban Food - Founder

    Businesswoman, restaurateur, good life ambassador. She’s founded and manages Tel Aviv Urban Food restaurant chain. Strategic Planning, trend analysis and culinary marketing expert fascinated by social context of eating. Malka pays attention to social responsibility of business. A former hostess of Kuchnia+ culinary show, "GOD FOOD - Boska Kuchnia” book author.

  • Małgorzata Gursztynowicz
    Leonardo Verde - Owner

    Warsaw’s Leonardo Verde owner. Long time vegan passionate about plant-based flavours. She’s been always passionate about healthy eating and helds a degree in Public Health and Dietetics at Medical University of Warsaw. She’s keen on sports and mountain-hiking. She loves to teach empathy and respect towards animals to her 4-year old vegan son.

  • Maria Przybyszewska
    Head Chef

    She defines herself as 98% plant-based. She’s a vegan chef with a deep affair for Polish, Arabic and Asian cuisine. Former head chef of Warsaw’s Youmiko Vegan Sushi, she’s currently working at Opasły Tom. Maria did her internship at Noma and acts as Roślinne Poniedziałki (Plant-powered Mondays) ambassador.

  • Izabela Bernau-Ławniczak - Founder

    An entrepreneur and a designer. Experienced moderator of creative and design processes based on service design thinking, human-centered design. Iza has vast experience in the implementation of projects related to design in food / FMCG, finance and energy industries. A graduate of Design Management at SWPS and Dietetics at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. She’s a member of Service Design Polska, and the founder of the project.

  • Dr inż. Katarzyna Świąder
    Food expert

    An international lecturer and food expert, specialised in functional foods, sensorial evaluation and food design. Co-author of various new products’ and patents’ implementations. Lecturer at Nutrition and Consumption Sciences Department at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Healthy lifestyle ambassador.

  • Karolina Kosno
    Coffeedesk - Communications Manager

    Communications Manager at Coffee Desk. The company started as a typical “garage startup” and now is the Polish leader at online coffee stores market. Karolina has created an engaging communication, emotional events and fruitful partnerships with Social Media influencers. She is famous for being capable of doing impossible things. She also gives barista courses, organises barista championships, and create speeches and articles about coffee & marketing. She’s on a plant-based diet for many years.

  • Tomasz Tarkowski
    Concordia Design - F&B head

    F&B head at Concordia Design and Concordia Taste restaurant. Tomasz previously managed Cucina88 restaurant in a 5-star City Park Hotel and Residence, where he was responsible for standard and quality confirmed with 3 Gault&Millau caps. He is responsible for organising the biggest culinary events in Poland, among others: Gault&Millau, Kino Kulinarne, Magazyn Wino. Tomasz loves sports, active lifestyle and good cuisine.

We will announce the rest of the speakers in the near future

Conference timetable

Dzień pierwszy (4.10)
  • 09:30  

    Rejestracja i networking

  • 10:00 - 11:15  

    Globalne trendy na rynku spożywczym - roślinna rewolucja? [PL]

    Honorata Jarocka, Aleksandra Chołody-Trapp, Weronika Pochylska
  • 11:30 - 13:00  

    Roślinne success story [PL]

    Krzysztof Bożek, Łukasz Błażejewski, Witold Sysiak, Jan Bredack
  • 14:00 - 15:00  

    Panel HoReCa - roślinny potencjał w liczbach [PL]

    Łukasz Błażejewski, Maria Przybyszewska, Tomasz Tarkowski, Malka Kafka, Małgorzata Gursztynowicz, poprowadzi Rafał Krzycki
  • 15:15 - 16:45  

    Roślinny trend - innowacje w branży spożywczej [PL/EN]

    Nicole Rawling, Verena Wiederkehr, Katarzyna Świąder, Bartosz Kamieniecki
  • 17:00 - 17:30  

    Plant-Powered Pitching

Dzień drugi (5.10)
  • 10:30 - 15:00, Kuchnia Spotkań IKEA

    Z zaangażowaniem i pasją: budowanie strategii marketingowej dla produktu roślinnego

    Karolina Kosno poprowadzi warsztat skierowany do tych, którzy stoją przed wyzwaniem wypromowania roślinnego produktu lub usługi. Uczestnicy warsztatu przejdą od procesu projektowania konceptu produktu, przez analizę rynku i klientów, po wszelkie możliwości pozyskania ruchu i sprzedaży, a to wszystko w etyczny i angażujący odbiorcę sposób. Efekty? Przybornik gotowych pomysłów co zrobić, by roślinny produkt trafiał w ręce zróżnicowanych klientów przy użyciu prostych narzędzi niekoniecznie dużych budżetów.Karolina Kosno (Communications Manager | Coffee Desk)Liczba miejsc: 20
  • 10:00 - 15:00, Centrum Przedsiębiorczości Smolna

    Kiedyś było inaczej, teraz trzeba inaczej: food design sprint

    Jak w dzisiejszych czasach zaprojektować lepszy produkt i usługę w branży spożywczej? Coraz popularniejsza metoda rozwiązywania problemów i tworzenia innowacyjnych produktów i usług - design thinking, czyli myślenie projektowe - jest z powodzeniem wykorzystywana w biznesie. By zrozumieć podejście projektowe najlepiej doświadczyć go w procesie. Na uczestników warsztatu FOOD DESIGN SPRINT prowadzonego przez Izę Bernau-Ławniczak, czeka mikro-wyzwanie projektowe, przejście przez proces kreatywny i - w efekcie końcowym - stworzenie konceptów produktów, gotowych do rozwinięcia.Iza Bernau-Ławniczak (CCO | Very Human Services)Liczba miejsc: 20


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